Can Rabbits Eat Sweetheart Cabbage?

Rabbits enjoy a varied diet, but it’s important to always double-check what foods are safe before feeding them to your pet. Since rabbits can’t vomit, feeding them the wrong foods can lead to serious health problems.

Sweetheart cabbage can be a healthy part of your rabbit’s daily greens. However, too much can cause gas and diarrhea. To keep your furry friend comfortable, offer sweetheart cabbage in moderation as an occasional treat rather than a daily staple.

can rabbits eat sweetheart cabbage

What Kinds of Cabbage Can a Rabbit Have?

Rabbits can safely eat various cabbages, including savoy, spring greens, cavolo nero, Bok choy, and even red cabbage. Just remember, all vegetables in the brassica family (like cabbages) can cause gas and bloating. Since rabbits can’t pass gas easily, it’s important to be mindful of portions.

How Much Sweetheart Cabbage Can a Rabbit Have?

A rabbit should eat a handful of mixed greens, roughly the size of its head, every day. This provides essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. While hay or grass makes up the bulk of their diet, greens offer important supplements.

Sweetheart cabbage is a good source of fiber, but due to the gas issue, offer it alongside other greens only occasionally. A few pieces mixed into their usual greens every few days is ideal. Avoid feeding cabbage on consecutive days to minimize digestive problems.

Do I Need to Cook Sweetheart Cabbage?

No, never feed cooked cabbage to your rabbit. Rabbits’ digestive systems are designed for raw foods. Cooked cabbage offers no nutritional benefit and may even cause harm, especially if it contains added salt.

How Should I Introduce Sweetheart Cabbage to My Rabbit?

Always introduce new foods to your rabbit gradually, even if you know it’s generally safe. Rabbits have individual sensitivities. Start by offering a small piece of washed cabbage leaf. If your rabbit eats it, wait a few days while observing for any changes in eating, pooping, or behavior. If everything seems normal, you can safely add cabbage to its diet.

Important: Avoid introducing multiple new foods at once. If your rabbit has a negative reaction, you won’t know which food is the culprit.

Can Rabbits Eat Sweetheart Cabbage? Introducing It Safely

As with any new food, it’s best to introduce sweetheart cabbage to your rabbit gradually. This allows you to monitor how their digestive system handles it. Here’s how:

  1. Start Small: Offer a single, small piece of washed sweetheart cabbage leaf.
  2. Observe: Wait a few days while observing your rabbit’s eating habits, droppings, and overall behavior. If everything seems normal, you can occasionally include sweetheart cabbage in their diet.
  3. Avoid Multiple New Foods: Don’t introduce other new foods simultaneously, as this makes it difficult to identify any potential food sensitivities.

Will My Rabbit Like Cabbage?

Most rabbits enjoy cabbage, but every bunny has its preferences. If your rabbit doesn’t seem interested, don’t worry! There are plenty of other healthy greens to offer as alternatives.


Can rabbits eat sweetheart cabbage? Yes, sweetheart cabbage can be a healthy and enjoyable treat for your rabbit when offered in moderation and introduced properly. Remember, a varied diet with plenty of fresh greens, along with unlimited hay, is the foundation of a healthy, happy rabbit.

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