Can Rabbits Eat Mangetout? A Tasty and Healthy Veggie Treat

Rabbits are naturally curious critters, and if you’ve got a bunny friend, you know they’re always up for trying new foods! But as responsible pet owners, we want to make sure those snacks are actually good for them. Just like us, bunnies thrive on a balanced diet.

Hay is the Main Course, Veggies are the Fun Part

While hay should always be a bunny’s staple food, experts like those at Oxbow Animal Health say leafy greens and veggies are a vital part of their diet too – about 8-10%! Leafy greens are the most important, but adding in veggie treats gives them extra nutrients and a little variety.

So, if you’re looking for a new treat, can rabbits eat mangetout? Yes, they can! Let’s dig into this tasty veggie…

What is Mangetout?

The name “mangetout” might sound fancy, but it’s French for “eat it all.” It’s basically a type of pea, picked super young so the whole pod is tender and delicious. You might know them as snow peas or sugar snap peas too. Sugar snaps are slightly plumper and crunchier, but all these varieties are totally safe for your bunny.

Can Rabbits Eat Mangetout

Why Mangetout is a Healthy Rabbit Snack

Rabbits can absolutely enjoy mangetout and sugar snap peas. They’re a great source of fiber, which is super important for a rabbit’s digestion. That’s why hay is such a vital part of their diet!

Mangetout also has a good amount of vitamins C, B1, and K, although bunnies get most of their essential vitamins from other veggies. So, think of mangetout as a delicious way to boost their fiber intake.

Where to Get Mangetout for Your Bunny

You can easily find mangetout in most grocery stores, already washed and ready to eat. But did you know, fresh veggies are most nutritious right after they’re picked? If you have a green thumb, try growing your own! Peas are easy to grow in the spring, and some varieties do well even in containers. Just make sure to give them something to climb on.

How Much Mangetout is Safe?

Even healthy treats need to be given in moderation. For a bunny that weighs at least four pounds, two cups of greens are good, but only about two tablespoons of that should be mangetout or other veggies. That’s roughly one or two pods, depending on the size.

Younger bunnies (three to six months) should only get tiny amounts at first. A one-pound bunny could have about half a tablespoon of veggies, including mangetout.

Other Rabbit-Friendly Veggies

Rabbits are natural herbivores and love a good variety in their diet. Leafy greens like lettuce, herbs, and various types of greens are best. For veggie treats, try bell peppers, cucumbers, broccolini, carrots, broccoli, brussels sprouts, or cabbage. Just remember, some veggies like broccoli and cabbage can cause a bit of gas, and sugary ones like carrots should be a special occasion treat.

Happy, Healthy Bunnies!

Mangetout is a wonderful way to add a new, nutritious veggie to your rabbit’s diet. It’s a tasty treat that offers them a little something different, and you can feel good knowing it’s healthy too!

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