Can Rabbits Eat Lavender?

Yes, rabbits can safely eat lavender. This fragrant herb can be a delightful treat for many rabbits, although its strong scent. If your rabbit enjoys the taste, you can offer lavender occasionally throughout the year. All parts of the plant – the leaves, flowers, and stems – are safe for your rabbit to munch on. However, like any treat, moderation is key.

Can Rabbits Eat Lavender?

Is Lavender Good For Rabbits?

Lavender offers several potential benefits for rabbits:

  • Nutritional Value: Lavender contains vitamins A and C, vital for good vision and immune health. It’s also a source of minerals like iron and calcium for strong bones.
  • Digestive Support: Some believe lavender has properties that aid digestion, potentially helping to ease digestive upset in rabbits.
  • Calming Effects: Anecdotal evidence suggests that lavender’s aroma can help calm stressed rabbits. While more scientific research is needed, its familiar scent might provide comfort.
  • Dental Health: Lavender’s tough texture makes it a good option for rabbits to chew. The chewing action naturally helps keep their teeth worn down and healthy.

How Much Lavender Can My Rabbit Have?

Lavender, like any treat, should be given sparingly. While generally safe, it’s best to offer it as an occasional indulgence rather than a dietary staple. Offer a few sprigs of lavender once or twice a week, mixing it in with a variety of other greens, herbs, and vegetables. Most experts recommend that herbs comprise no more than about 5% of your rabbit’s overall diet.The more varied your rabbit’s diet, the better! Along with lavender, try offering safe herbs like dill, cilantro, chamomile, rosemary, and parsley. Avoid chives, as they are related to onions and can be harmful to rabbits.

What Parts Of The Lavender Plant Are Safe For Rabbits?

Important Considerations

  1. Cleanliness: Thoroughly wash any lavender before offering it to your rabbit, especially if it’s from your garden. This removes potential pests or dirt.
  2. Pesticide Warning: Never give your rabbit lavender from a garden where pesticides or insecticides have been used. Even trace amounts can harm your furry friend.

Nutritional Benefits of Lavender for Rabbits

Lavender’s nutritional profile makes it a valuable addition to your rabbit’s diet:

  • Vitamins: Lavender contains vitamins A (important for eyesight) and C (supports a strong immune system).
  • Minerals: This herb offers calcium (for bone health) and manganese (crucial for metabolic function).
  • Digestive Aid: Lavender may improve digestion and ease stomach discomfort in rabbits.
  • Calming Effect: The scent of lavender can be soothing, potentially reducing anxiety in stressed rabbits.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Lavender’s antioxidants help fight harmful free radicals, promoting overall health.
  • Flavorful Variety: Adding lavender provides a tasty and stimulating option to your rabbit’s usual diet.


Can Rabbits Eat Lavender? Lavender is counted among the safe herbs and will not hurt a rabbit, whether it eats the leaves, flowers, or stems. You can safely feed your rabbit the entire lavender plant – stems, flowers, and leaves.However, many rabbits find the strong scent unpleasant and will avoid lavender in spite of its safety.

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