Can rabbits eat beet greens?

Yes, rabbits can safely enjoy the leafy tops of the red beetroot plant – and most bunnies seem to love them! However, there are important considerations to ensure beet greens are a healthy addition to your rabbit’s diet and not a’s important to note that the beet plant consists of a root vegetable and leafy stalks. We’ll go over which part of the beet is good for rabbits to eat, which part is occasionally acceptable for your rabbit to eat, and why it’s important to only offer your rabbit beets in moderation.

Can rabbits eat beet greens?

1. Moderation Due to Oxalic Acid

Beetroot greens, like parsley and spinach, contain oxalic acid. This compound can cause health problems if consumed in excess. Therefore, only offer beet greens to your bunny as an occasional treat – just once or twice a week. A good rule of thumb is to mix 1 part high-oxalate greens with 2-4 parts low-oxalate greens in each serving. Stick to the basics of hay, water, and high-fiber pellets if you don’t have suitable veggies.

2. Be Mindful of Calcium Content

Beet tops are high in calcium, which is essential for rabbit health. However, a rabbit’s diet should primarily consist of low-calcium vegetables. Combine 2-4 low-calcium greens with 1 high-calcium green per serving. Examples of low-calcium options include asparagus, endives, dandelion, basil, mint, celery, turnip greens, cabbage, or watercress.

3. Emphasize Hay for Fiber

Beetroot greens are nutritious but don’t offer the high fiber content of hay, which is crucial for a rabbit’s digestive system. Leafy greens should only make up around 15% of your rabbit’s diet. It’s actually healthier to prioritize the fibrous stems of beet greens over the leaves, although their higher calcium content still calls for moderation.

Other things to consider when feeding beetroot tops.

  • Don’t Panic About Red Urine: A rabbit’s urine may naturally turn red after eating beets or beet greens – this is harmless!
  • Healthier Than Beets: Beetroot tops boast lower sugar and protein content than the root itself.
  • Fresh and Organic: Always wash beet greens thoroughly and choose organic sources to avoid pesticides. Cut them into small pieces to prevent choking.

Can rabbits eat the beetroot plants cooked or frozen?

  • Stick to Fresh: Rabbits should never eat cooked food. Cooking alters the nutrients and fiber content and can be harmful.
  • Fresh is Best: Frozen greens can lose texture and become mushy, making them less appealing to rabbits.

What about baby rabbits and wild rabbits?

  • Babies Need Time: Introduce vegetables gradually to bunnies over 2 months old. Start with tiny amounts and monitor for digestive issues.
  • Wild Rabbits Proceed with Caution: Wild rabbits can eat beet tops but may experience digestive upset due to their unfamiliarity with such rich food.
  • Final Note: Vegetables are a supplement, not a replacement for the primary source of rabbit nutrition – hay. Their digestive systems need hay for optimal function. Aim for one cup of mixed greens per 4 lbs of body weight daily or split the amount over two servings.

Final Thoughts

Can rabbits eat beet greens? Not every day, not every two days, but one or two times a week with other greens with a lower level of oxalic acid content. When you feed beetroot greens, try to feed as sparingly as possible the oxalic acid plants.

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